Our Approach

Swan & Maclaren has a unique exposure to design and construction issues on a large scale. We position much of our design work at the forefront of innovation – we don’t seek to replicate previous works but strive to formulate unique responses, tailored to our client’s individual requirements.

Our Asia Pacific reach helps us bring to the design process best practice, State-of-the-Art thinking and a thorough understanding of the various trends related to markets and user groups.

This international exposure complements the wealth of experience in project management and project controls that the firm has built up over the past 120 years.

Consequently, we have developed an in-depth understanding of construction and development issues and related market conditions specific to the region. Combined with our unparalleled international experience, we are able to use this knowledge to deliver unique, contemporary and comprehensive solutions to our clients.

Our Asian offices have a complement of over 100 people, combining a rich mix of local and international training and experience. We believe our teams, working in cooperation with our experts across the globe are uniquely capable of delivering world class forward looking architecture regionally.



Our approach to team work and collaboration extends to our partners and associated consultants where Swan Maclaren coordinates as design managers and architects, giving rise to our motto of better together. Client’s appreciate the hands on approach to projects of such large scale and complex nature. Whether its in the large and complex market of China or the many ASEAN countries, together we realise Client goals and development aspirations. With our offices in China, Malaysia, Singapore, Thailand, and Vietnam our local knowledge is added value to our international experiences.