Master Plan

Swan & Maclaren is a trusted partner for professional Master Plan design aimed at creating the modern day urban environment. Experienced in residential urban planning, resort planning, as well as civic centers and business park layouts, Swan & Maclaren aims to achieve good economic land benefits while enhancing the social experience of the users in every project.


We adopt a creative holistic approach while exercising careful consideration and thought processes for all of our architectural design. Equipped with international exposure in design and project management skills, our attention to the functional details and aesthetic aspects are the guiding principles for every project undertaken by Swan & Maclaren.


Swan & Maclaren takes great care in adopting an innovative approach in the articulation of a building and its interiors while modulating the external environment for a comfortable internal usable space. Sustainable interiors are designed to delight users with sensitive colours, materials and a feel of the internal environment.


Our landscape designs seek to understand the external environment within the built context. Each project starts with the local site conditions to expand the creative design of the green environment, where the architecture is seen as an integrated component and an extension of the landscape.

Swan & Maclaren landscapes create inspiring environments that enhance our well-being and improves the quality of the built environment around us, for all to enjoy.